Now Remotely Access Your TallyPrime License and Data

Remote access TallyPrime and data
| Updated on: October 18, 2021

With the introduction of a connected solution powered by AWS, businesses can remotely access TallyPrime and the data, no matter where they are. Now that you have an option for remote access to TallyPrime, you may be in a dilemma whether to opt for a remote access solution, powered by AWS or use on-premises license (lifetime single user or multiple user license)

TallyPrime, on a cloud service How to buy and use TallyPrime on a cloud service?

To overcome this dilemma and find out if a remote access solution is a right fit for your business, we have listed some indicative scenarios that will help you decide the fitment

Before starting with the scenarios, it is crucial to consider the below points in choosing a cloud solution that facilitates anywhere access of TallyPrime.

  • Does your business really need a solution of this nature? Your business operations, the nature of application users, and your future plans as an entrepreneur may help you answer this question

  • The anywhere access solution is primarily based on internet-based applications, which are prone to interruptions caused by the unreliable network/hardware/software. In such situations, it will have an impact on the business continuity and the operations. It is a critical factor for opting the solution

  • While it provides greater convenience to access TallyPrime from anywhere, it comes with a recurring cost because of the infrastructure involved. It boils down to affordability, an essential factor

Now, let’s look at some of the indicative scenarios that help you understand the fitment of  TallyPrime, powered by AWS.





Max Traders have a head office and 2 branches. There are 5 users at HO and 1 user at each branch location using TallyPrime. Centralized data for all branches are maintained at HO



Ace Electronics has a head office and 4 branches. At head office, there are 6 users, and at each branch, they have 3 users who will be operating Tally. Additionally, Mr Jhon, the owner and his finance head, require a continuous view/edit access to Tally from home or while travelling. Other users will be working only at the office premises. Additionally, they also want to consolidate the data of all their branches at HO.



Matrix Traders is a trading firm. Mr Jose is an accountant who manages the books and finance of Matrix Traders.  He is the only person who will be operating Tally within the office premises, and there is no requirement for data access by the owner.


(A single-user license would be recommended)


Supreme Traders is a small trading firm. Mr Sham is the accountant who takes care of their books and finance. He is the only person who will be operating Tally. The business owner wants to give Mr Sharad occasional view/edit access while travelling or at home


(A single-user license with Tally’s inbuilt remote access would suffice the need)

The above are some of the indicative scenarios that help you understand remote access in partnership with AWS. While it provides greater comfort and convenience to access TallyPrime anywhere, it is crucial to consider the need or the relevance to your business, affordability, downtime etc. and choose the best that suits your business.

TallyPrime, powered by AWS, is in the beta stage. Click here to learn more and buy the solution.

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