How to buy and use TallyPrime on a cloud service?

how to buy and use TallyPrime on a cloud service
| Updated on: October 11, 2021

TallyPrime on AWS

A collaborative solution powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables small and medium businesses to access TallyPrime and data from anywhere. This aims to simplify customers' lives who have an imminent need to access TallyPrime remotely.

Now, let us detail how to buy and use TallyPrime on cloud service, powered by AWS.

How to Buy TallyPrime on Cloud, Powered by AWS?

Given that the business needs are unique, factors such as the relevance of remote access, operations, usage, and business strategy, play a vital role in choosing the right remote access plan. As a result, the end-to-end solution will be customised, delivered, implemented, and serviced by our authorised Tally Partner.

TallyPrime, on a cloud service Find out if TallyPrime, powdered by AWS fits your business

Our partners come with technical expertise and years of experience in implementing these solutions and will be your single point of contact to buy the solution.

If you are interested, all you need to do is talk to your Tally partner and indicate your requirement. The partner will analyse the requirement, suggest and implement the best solution based on your needs, and offer you the necessary support. Your partner will not only handle all aspects of the solution but ensure that you don’t need to reach out to anyone else for any matter related to it.

How to use TallyPrime on Amazon cloud service (AWS)?

Once your Tally Partner gathers your requirement, he will lead the remote access solution to your business. You need not worry about the technical aspect of implementing the solution. Your partner will champion the engagement with the cloud service provider and ensure end-to-end implementation of the solution is done. Tally partner will lead right from suggesting the best cloud plans to installing TallyPrime on the cloud system to configuring the Tally data on the cloud system.

Post-implementation of the solution, the login credentials and the application to access TallyPrime remotely will be shared. The user who intends to access TallyPrime remotely needs to login from a remote machine. This is the only thing the users need to do.

Your Tally Partner will always be with you, not only during implementation but also for post-sales support so that so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

While the collaborative solution powered by AWS provides more a  convenient way of accessing the business data, it is essential to note that this solution is recommended for those businesses who would like to have anywhere access to their Tally license and data. If you are more comfortable with the way you use the software today (on-premises), you can continue using the license without any changes.

Need help to decide the virtual access fitment for your business? Read the indicative scenarios that will help you find out the fitment of TallyPrime, powdered by AWS to your business.

TallyPrime, powered by AWS, is in the beta stage. Click here to learn more and buy the solution.

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