Tally Software Services (TSS) Features

features of tally subscription services
| Updated on: March 24, 2021

Tally Software Services (TSS) is a software subscription for a collection of services which add great value by giving you the latest developments in technology and statutory laws, and host of connected services.

Tally software services (TSS) provides a trusted and secure medium to connect to your data remotely with no additional software or hardware requirements. Here are some of the key features of TSS:

  • Online business reports
  • Continuous product updates
  • Online data synchronization
  • Remote Access
  • Updated statutory compliances
  • Banking and payment services

Let’s explain some of the key features of Tally Software Services (TSS).

Key TSS features

  • Online business reports

    Experience the freedom of viewing your business reports securely from a web browser, on any device, anywhere. Real-time access to business reports on devices such as laptop, mobile, tablet, and so on while your data stays only with you. You can view important business reports such as bills receivable & payable, stock summary, sales/purchase register etc. and, you can even download invoice or reports and share it on the go. Thus, helping you make business decisions faster than ever.

    Feature 1: Realtime Access to Business Reports

  • Continuous product updates

    Your business is continuously evolving. With every passing day, there are developments with the people you deal with, the people that work for you and generally the way of doing business. With Tally software services (TSS) subscription, you are assured that you will get the regular product updates that caters to your statutory needs and ever-changing business requirements.

    Feature 2: Get Product updates

  • Online data synchronization

    Many businesses operate from multiple locations and consolidating company data becomes a tedious job. With online synchronisation feature provided by TSS, data synchronization is no more difficult. With online data synchronization capabilities, you can synchronize data across your head office and branches, factories, or warehouses at a click of a button. Furthermore, it provides greater control over the direction of synchronizing and the data that need to be synchronized.

    Feature 3: Instant synchronization

  • Remote access

    Access your data anywhere via Tally.Net services while your data stays only with you. With TallyPrime (even without a license) installed in a remote location and internet connection, you can view reports, record, and edit the vouchers.

    Feature 4: Access Data Anywhere, Anytime

  • Updated statutory compliances

    We all know, the rules and laws change frequently. The changes can be as small as rate changes to big as a change in return format. With Tally software services (TSS), you will get continuous product updates to stay up to date on the norms that you need to comply.

    Feature 5: Regular Auto Updates for Statutory Compliances

  • Banking and payment services

    With Tally software services (TSS), you can manage your banking needs effortlessly. Regular updates to support the new cheque formats and auto bank reconciliation. Also, you get access to e-banking module of TallyPrime which acts as a seamless interface between the bank and the business. Most popular banks are supported for e-payments in TallyPrime.

    Feature 6: e-payment module


    The set of capabilities that comes to Tally software services (TSS) will add great value to your business and enhance business performance by leaps and bounds. Online business reports, remote access, banking services and many more features that help you manage your business better.

    What’s more? Having a valid TSS subscription, you can upgrade to all latest product releases for free of cost. This means you can upgrade to TallyPrime, the all-new powerful business management software for free with valid TSS subscription.

    Click here to upgrade to TallyPrime


What is TSS?

Tally software services, popularly know as TSS, is a collection of value-added service that adds great value to your business. Continuous product updates, online connected services, banking services etc. are some of the capabilities that come with TSS. 

How to renew TSS?

You can renew TSS online using your Debit/Credit card or through net banking. Also, you can get in touch with your preferred Tally partner to renew TSS.   

Which businesses need Tally Software Services?

All the businesses who are using Tally will greatly benefit from the capabilities that come with TSS. Read more to know how Tally software services can benefit you.

What happens when TSS expired?

If TSS is expired, you will still be able to use Tally as before. The only change is that you won’t be able to use the services or capabilities that come with TSS.  

How to activate TSS in Tally?

Once you renew your TSS online or through Tally partner, automatically the TSS capabilities get activated for your license and you can start using the features such as remote access, reports on browser etc.

What is a single user edition in TSS?

The single user edition in TSS is for ‘Silver License’ of TallyPrime i.e. single user edition of TallyPrime suitable for standalone PCs.

What is a multiuser edition in TSS?

The multiuser user edition in TSS is for ‘Gold License’ of TallyPrime i.e. unlimited multi-user edition that supports multiple PCs on LAN environment.


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