ERP Implementation Process: 10 Steps of Successful ERP Implementation

| Updated on: May 13, 2021

What is ERP?

ERP refers to ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ software which integrates various functions of a business into a single unified system. A business, irrespective of size, has to deal with various function like purchase management, sales management, material management, payroll etc. Having a separate system to manage each of these functions is a nightmare. Here is why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps the business.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems bind various functions of the business into a single database. The following are some of the important business functions you can manage using ERP software.


Functions of ERP system


10 Steps of Successful ERP Implementation

Step 1: Identify the Stakeholders and Business Objectives

Step 2: Define Project scope – What, When, Who, Where and How?

Step 3: Do a Current System Study

Step 4: Customisation work, if required

Step 5: Data migration

Step 6: End Users training

Step 7: System Integration Testing (SIT)

Step 8: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Step 9: Go Live preparation and Live

Step 10: Post Go Live Support

10 Steps of Successful ERP Implementation

What Are the Benefits of ERP Software Systems?

By integrating various facets of the business, it optimizes the efficiency at which you manage your business and immensely contributes to profitability. The following are some of the benefits of ERP software.

  • You only need one system to manage all your business functions. This will save a lot of money which you would potentially invest in buying multiple software systems, tools, applications etc.
  • Since it is designed to have a single database, it allows all the users operating at different functions to work faster. Thereby, the efficiency of each function increase
  • By automating the various process, it saves a lot of time and efforts involved in managing the business process and computing it
  • All the reports and statements are system generated
  • Gives a complete view of the business and insights for confident business decisions

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