Multiple Storage Locations in Tally.ERP 9

| Updated on: August 24, 2021

What is godown in Tally.ERP 9?

As per Tally’s interpretation, the word Godown it is not limited to physical godown. Companies may use it to track inventory within factory premises at various manufacturing stages or workstations.

Further, it is also required to track inventory of raw materials and semi-finished and finished products under Job work activity either in case of materials transferred on job work basis or for job work undertaken by the company.

There is a functionality in Tally's godown master to mark it as own stock of company or third party stock (i.e. material received for Job work and final product produced out of it by the company). As per accounting principles, such inventory of third party shall not be mixed up with companies own inventory. Tally.ERP 9‘s robust feature takes care in efficiently managing such inventory.

How to maintain multiple godowns in Tally.ERP 9?

In Tally, apart from creating a single godown, one can also create multiple godowns by specifying the name of parent group. Perform the following steps to create multiple godowns:

Step 1 : Select the Create option under Multiple Godowns from the Godowns
Step 2 : Select the godown name from the list of Godowns menu, besides the Under Godown.
Step 3 : Type the name of the sub godowns under the Name
Step 4 : Finally, click Yes to save multiple godowns and the multiple godown screen appears

How to see godown wise stock in Tally?

After creating multiple godowns, one can view the details of stock godown wise, by using the display option. One may just need to perform the following steps to display multiple godowns or to see godown wise stock in Tally.

Step 1 : Select the Display option under Multiple Godowns from the Godowns and the List of Godowns menu appears.
Step 2 : Select the godown whose details you want to view from among the List of Godowns maintained. Now the Multi Godown Display screen appears, displaying the details of the selected godown.

How to disable multiple godown in Tally.ERP 9?

To dis-functionalize multiple storage location in Tally .ERP 9 follow the given directions.
Starting Point: Gateway of Tally
Choose Destination: Multiple Godowns

Directions to disable multiple godown in Tally

Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > Inventory Features.
Set Maintain Multiple Godowns/Excise Units? to “No”
Press Ctrl+A to accept

How does godown transfer in Tally work?

Tally.ERP 9 allows transferring materials from one Godown to another. The transfer of materials is done using Stock Journals. Tally.ERP 9 also provides you with the facility to create voucher class, which help in simplifying the transfer of materials between godowns.

To transfer materials (Stock Transfer)

  • Step 1: Go to Gateway of Tally Inventory Vouchers and
  • Step 2: Press Alt + F7 (Stock Journal)  and then select Stock Item in Source column and the Godown particulars
  • Step 3: Select Stock Item and Godown particulars in Destination column.

To transfer materials using Voucher Classes

Step 1: To create Voucher Class -

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info/lnventory Info. > Voucher Types > Alter >Select Stock Journal, tab down to Name of Class field and specify Class name (e.g. Godown Transfer)
  • Set Use Class for Inter-Godown Transfers to Yes

Step 2 : Create Stock Transfer Journal Voucher -

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > Alt+ F7 (Stock Journal) Select Godown Transfer Class from Voucher Class List
  • Select Destination Godown details, stock items, Source Godown

Watch Video on How to Create and Manage Multiple Godowns in Tally.ERP 9


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