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Stock Ageing Analysis

Know which stock has been lying around for how long using Stock Ageing Analysis

Stock Movement Analysis

Know how efficiently your stock is being sold using Stock Movement Analysis

Multiple Units of Measure

Use multiple units of measure as per your inventory needs

Stock Query Report

Get every little detail about each stock item using Stock Query Report

Maintain optimal stock levels

Maintain optimal stock levels using Reorder Level Management

deliver highest profits

Get clear information on products which deliver highest profits and the ones that don’t

Access business data

Access business data, from a browser, on any device anywhere over a fully secure connection

Super-fast invoicing

Super-fast invoicing and simple accounting system

File accurate VAT iTax returns

File accurate VAT – iTax returns

Get your VAT-ready TallyPrime Perpetual License starting from KSh 46,350 (plus local taxes). Call 800-722966 or mail us on support@tallysolutions.com for any queries


How can I test the product before buying?

Download TallyPrime from our website and install it in education mode. The educational mode allows you to learn and use TallyPrime without buying a license.
Read more+Experience TallyPrime on your computer with only restriction of making transactions for selected dates available in a month. Register for a product demo where our representative can help you install the product to work in Educational Mode.

How does TallyPrime help with VAT-iTax?

- Facilitates simple tax invoice creation
- Automatic tagging of ETR into tax invoices
Read more+- Error-free tax computation in business transactions
- Execute billing of zero rated, exempt and imported items in a single transaction
- Real-time VAT payable/refundable information for a given period
- Automatic bifurcation of zero rated, exempted, general rated, exempt and import transactions in report
- Automatic identification of human created error in a transaction (if any) before filing tax returns
- Provision to save your finalized returns which can be modified and revised
- Preparation of VAT returns which can be uploaded into the KRA portal

Do you have local support and After-sales service?

You can reach out to us on our local Kenya number 0800-722-966 or support@tallysolutions.com.
Read more+Alternatively, you can get in touch with any of the partners based out of Kenya.

Does TallyPrime support e-VAT Return?

TallyPrime helps you generate and export e-VAT return details for a specific period in an MS-Excel template provided by Kenya Revenue Authority.Read more+The e-VAT return template provided for filing returns, has a provision to capture details of all VAT annexures in specific sheets of the MS-Excel file. When e-VAT return is saved and exported, information related to all annexures is also exported to the same file. Stay confident with TallyPrime,that every business transactions automatically gets updated to the VAT report, making it always reliable. You can view the report with the transactions which are included and excluded from the VAT returns.